Conscious Catering

At Laurence Craig Catering, we care deeply about where our ingredients come from and how they are produced. We believe that local produce and chemical-free, humanely raised animal products not only taste better -- they also make it possible to eat more mindfully.
While many of our dishes feature sophisticated and inventive uses of meat, our repertoire is not dependent solely upon animal products. The animal products that we use are chosen with discerning taste and incorporated thoughtfully into our menus.
We are proud to cook with poultry from Murray's Chicken and eggs from
Pete & Gerry's Organic Eggs. Both farms are certified humane, which means that the animals are treated with respect and care. They enjoy fresh water, healthy vegetarian diets, and they live comfortably without cages, antibiotics, or hormones. We continue to seek out exemplary sustainable and humane ingredients from other vendors as well. 
Although our East Coast location limits the amount of produce that we can purchase locally, we are able to obtain a selection of local ingredients depending upon the season. Some of our needs are taken care of by Zone 7, a provider that specializes in connecting local farmers to restaurants and chefs.